Tuesday, May 14, 2013

J. CREW Brompton Mini-Hobo Review

Hi all! Yes, I am still alive. I know it has been a while since my last post and they have been sporadic at best lately. Sorry about that. I hope that everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! Mine was enjoyable. The hubs brought me red roses and the kids got me a nice bromeliad and made me beautiful cards. My son is quite the artist and sketched me a beautiful sea shell. We met the in-laws for lunch on Sunday and then I lounged by the pool with the newspaper for a bit. All in all it was a wonderful day for me!

I had posted recently that I wanted a new brown handbag. Click here to see that post. I am on a J.Crew kick right now and really thought that I would love their Biennial Hobo.  Since they were offering a 30% off everything at the time, I decided to order the handbag in the saddle color and also wanted to try the Brompton Mini-Hobo as well. I hoped to like one of the bags and return the other one.  Well, the Biennial Hobo is a beautiful bag, but it is simply too large for me. I am 5'3" tall and that bag sort of swamped me. My stuff also got lost in it and I don't think I could ever fill it up. If you need a really large bag, it might work for you, but I had to return it.

The Brompton Mini-Hobo was another story......

J.CREW Brompton Mini-Hobo in Henna

I will tell you that I LOVE this handbag. The size is perfect for me and I am not sure why they call it "mini" really. To me is it is just a normal size bag. Actually it is still very generous in size. It is also very well designed with a large side zip section that is perfect for  your wallet and then an even larger section that closes with a turn lock closure so it is easy to get in and out of. It has interior zip pockets as well as slip pockets for cell phone, sunglasses etc.

This bag is plenty big for what I carry with room to spare for a small umbrella, a water bottle and even a magazine.

I put my checkbook size wallet in the large zipper compartment with plenty of room for other items too.

Nice size zipper pocket with brass plate J.Crew logo.

Roomy slip pockets.  Having camera issues---sorry for blur.

The leather is scrumptious and feels like buttah.  It is soft and supple pebbled leather and it has a vintage feel to it, and I mean that in a good way. It is lined with cotton twill. The hardware is quite substantial and appear to be of good quality, and the turn lock closure seems to be pretty solid. It squeaks a bit, but I would imagine that will go away with time and use. The handles are long enough to wear over my shoulder but I also like to carry it on my arm. There is an adjustable shoulder strap as well that you can take off if you want. It is nice to have if you want to wear the bag cross body or just wear it on your shoulder that way too.

Side snaps to give it a more steamlined look. Unsnap if you are carrying more stuff.

Easy to remove adjustable strap

Look how much it expands!

I also love the henna color of this bag. It is really seasonless and goes with a lot of colors and styles of clothing.  So this one is definitely a keeper, especially with 30% off. Would I buy it for full price? Probably not, but it would not be because it isn't worth it. If you compare the quality and features of this bag with other comparable brands (and even higher end brands...), I think it might be worth the full price. But, when you know there is always a discount eventually, you might as well wait for it.  Amen?

And to give you a real person feel for the size of this bag, here it is on my 5'3" frame. It is plenty big and not mini at all. The regular size Brompton would be way too big for me plus I just don't need that much space.

So now you have met my new love. I hope the hubs doesn't get jealous!  Have a wonderful day!

P.S.  I didn't receive anything from J.Crew to write this post.

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  1. It's a great bag, isn't it?

  2. That looks like a good bag, I agree! I like that you can put the straps over your shoulder. I have a Baby Brompton and that is mini!

    1. I love the bag and I think it will end up being my go to bag. The Baby Brompton is really cute! Thanks for visiting!

  3. The bag looks like nothing online, but it's so cute when I see it reviewed. Thanks for a good one!

  4. Super cute bag!!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

  5. Thanks so much for reviewing this! I just ordered the biennial hobo, and I found the same problem with it being just too big in size (and I'm 5'9"). I think I will try this instead!


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