Monday, April 15, 2013

Rug Shopping

Happy Monday to all! How was your weekend? I am still trying to get over the cold/allergy crud but I am gradually feeling better, and I almost feel normal today. I was not too sick to shop though and convinced the hubby to do a little rug shopping. You might remember that I want to add a rug to my living room.

We started out heading to Pottery Barn but ended up at an Oriental rug store nearby first. We found some very pretty rugs, but they were all a lot more than we really wanted to spend. The hubs and I tend to like nice things, so we were definitely distracted by these rugs. The guy in the shop was really good and knew a lot about each rug and he had a story for each one. I believed the stuff about where the rug came from and whether it was antique or not, but some were made by monks and other by Bedouins and carried to market on Llamas. You get the picture. Anyway, it all sounds good, but who knows?

Here are some very bad pictures of some our favorites---all out of budget and probably never coming home with us, but it is fun to look....

This one was so pretty and one of a kind, but probably too colorful. It was also "woven by monks who shave their own sheep for the wool"
----uh huh....

I LOVED this one....

Then we went to Pottery Barn and everything looked like crap....   Just kidding!  You can just see the difference after seeing the real McCoy. I am probably going to end up with my first thought which was a natural fiber rug and Pottery Barn has a nice selection of those and they are on sale until July.

We also took the kids to dinner at our favorite BBQ place. If you are ever in Orlando, it is worth dragging yourself away from tourist world down around Disney and taking a field trip up to Winter Park to eat at this restaurant. 4 Rivers Smokehouse has the best BBQ in the entire central Florida area. Like most BBQ joints, it is not fancy. There is no table service and you have to stand in a LONG line Disney style to order your food. The brisket is legendary, but honestly everything is good there. If you go, get the cheese grits because you will think you have died and gone to heaven! They are also famous for their fried pickles which I am not a fan of, but I am not a pickle person. They also have fabulous desserts and sweet treats. When we were there, I snapped a photo of this sign. I thought it is a good mantra to live our lives by.

You will see these magnets on cars around town in Orlando. They represent 4Rivers.

So, how was your weekend?

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  1. Love those rugs! I need to check out the natural fiber ones at pottery barn. I'm dying to get a new one. I didn't realize you're in the Orlando area! We used to live down in Davenport, south of Orlando.

    1. Hi Kelly. Sorry for the late reply....Don't you miss crazy Florida? I have lived in the Atlanta area for a bit after college---isn't that where you are now? The Pottery Barn rugs are great, especially if they are on sale. Happy weekend!


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